In my eyes, reflections are always the hardest blog posts to write, because I actually have to think back to square one (I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning). When I signed up to communication and media studies, I had very little idea that blogging was about to take over my life. Now that I am in my second year of my degree, I still have no idea what I’m doing when I’m blogging, but I weirdly enjoy it. I have embraced the fact that I am UOW’s biggest procrastinator and leave all of my blogging to the last minute, but hey, I guess I love the thrill trying to submit an assignment 0.01 seconds before its due?

From blogging in this subject in particular, I have found the easiest way for me to blog and actually enjoy it, is speak in a tone I would usually talk to people in. Sometimes it can come off as 16-year-old-teenagerish, though this is the way I feel I engage people best. I definitely have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to blogging. My strength would be my ability to put together a blog post that is both interesting and informative and my weakness is time management and now that I’m writing this, my weakness is recognising more strengths and weaknesses, maybe I’m just really great.

I think BCM subjects are very social media driven and being aware of what is going on in the media around you. A lot of my peers have been using Twitter for a while now, in or out of uni. When I got told to use Twitter to expose my blogs or follow other people or re-tweet things (I think thats what its called?), I was so confused and a little nervous at the fact I had to make a Twitter account. When signing up, I actually realised I had already had one from in year 9 and I posted what the weather was like every day. I have utilised Twitter as much as I could by linking WordPress and Twitter so my blogs automatically posted (thank god). Other than that, I still haven’t got the hang of Twitter as much as everyone else, apart from the occasional drunk tweet.

The use of hash tagging on WordPress an Twitter helped a lot regarding the exposure of my blog posts. I click onto my statistics section on WordPress when I am bored and people have seen my blogs in countries I haven’t even heard of. Cool, right? I also tag all random words in my blog regarding what I am writing about in hope that someone will read my awesome work.

The topics that were blogged about each week were actually interesting once I researched more about it. These topics opened my eyes to the media and its theories which I didn’t know much about before BCM240. My favourite posts to write were the ones in the first couple of weeks when I got to talk to my mum about her Television when she was growing up. This was exciting to write about as I got to hear what it was like for my mum when she was younger, especially because she is from New Zealand and comparing my blog to others showed a huge difference between how televisions were used in families. Also, the blog post regarding rules and regulations of mobile phones really allowed me to connect and reflect on my mobile phone etiquette and those around me. I actually went out to dinner with my mum after writing that post and I could see my phone on the table and all I could think about was my blog post and not using phones at dinner.Β In each post, I learn a little bit more of my writing capabilities and sometimes surprise myself with what I can do and display on my blog.

I had never used a blog before starting uni, so when it came to designing it I had no idea how to use WordPress or how to set out my blog posts. This process was fun and I loved experimenting with different layouts until finding the perfect one to display my posts. I frequently change my background images to funky things that also reflect my personality, and we have to include a selfie in there somewhere. I only discovered the categories section half way through BCM240 which now makes my life and my teachers who are marking this lives so much easier. I was able to create a menu on the left hand side of my blog of all the BCM subjects I have blogged for, easily sorting them into categories.

When it comes to writing in a public space, I always feel so daunted by the fact that anyone can read my work. I always ask myself if it is good enough? or does it make sense? or will people agree with what I am saying? But towards the end of my blogging, I have realised that it doesn’t matter what other people think of my blogs, or if they agree or disagree, because thats the point isn’t it? To engage and create discussion? I think having this frame of thought has helped me through blogging in this subject as I feel more confident with what I post, as I usually just spontaneously smash out a blog post and post it straight away without thinking twice. I like to think this technique gives my posts a more down-to-earth personal approach.

Until next time, BCM.



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